Take a step into our Wildside…

Crossing the River Fechlin is the great General Wade’s Bridge, built in 1732 to carry the military road from Fort Augustus to Fort George.

Constructed of white lime cement, it became a landmark and the hamlet Whitebridge took its name. The river tumbles over ancient rocks in to deep pools, home to wild brown trout, well known with passing otters. With herons & dippers, eagle and peregrines over the Beinn mountains, pine martins and red deer in the woods, the area is rich in wildlife.

In spring, Wildside is awash with daffodils and delicate primroses. Life stirs everywhere. There is still snow on the high mountains, but an early thaw catches the mountain hare in its white winter coat. The air is exhilarating, a wonderful time for walking on hill and glen. The resident robin will no doubt introduce himself to you at Wildside lodges. We encourage visitors to feed the locals!

In early summer, the Wade Bridge is rendered purple with rare alpine fairy foxgloves. Castles and gardens are resplendent in summer blooms. Warm weather and time to picnic on the loch shores. Boats pass through the canal locks at Fort Augustus to explore deeper waters. Excitement and fun is to be had at the highland games.

In autumn, the first touch of frost turns the broad leaved trees to rich autumn colours reflected in the Lochs, a delight for artists and photographers. Late October and red deer stags roar on the hill, a majestic spectacle. Autumn is often a very beautiful time of year and the colours are like no other time of year. The birches bronze and wild cherry bright red. It is a time of plenty for the wildlife and the thriving population of red squirrels can be seen busily collecting abundant wild hazelnuts for their winter store.

During wintertime, dazzling white mountains in winter sun beckon climbers and skiers. The snow drives the deer down to the glen, delicate tracks cross the snow to the rivers edge. Roaring fires in the Inns signal Scottish hospitality for Christmas and Hogmanay. A bright morning and the ravens display over the mountains… spring is on the way.

We look forward to welcoming you to Wildside!